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Chris Smith
Safety Director
Plibrico Company, LLC

Chris joined the Plibrico Company team in 2005 as National Safety Manager. Chris oversees the daily safety requirements of safety and health compliance throughout the Plibrico Company and its PliPartners. Chris’ other duties include OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) employee training certification and compliance programs, as well as Workman’s Compensation monitoring and control.

Prior to his position with Plibrico, Chris was employed at New Boston Coke Corporation, a manufacturer of blast furnace coke for the steel industry. Over his ten year career there, he held the position of Industrial Health and Safety Manager, and was promoted through the ranks to Superintendent of Operations before the company’s closure. He then joined M&J Industries as Safety and Environmental Director. His primary responsibility was to oversee their operation for safety and environmental compliance. A division of Paccar, M&J Industries produced truck parts for Kenworth, Peterbuilt and Volvo Truck assembly plants.

Chris attended Shawnee State University in Portsmouth Ohio, and received accreditation through their Public Safety Program. He also has received his training as a certification instructor for both OSHA and MSHA through the Sinclair University. Chris has served his community as a volunteer fire-fighter and paramedic for the residents of Minford, Ohio, for the past 23 years where he now serves on the Board of Directors of Minford Emergency Ambulance Service.

Chris believes Plibrico’s success lies within the company’s commitment to safety. Supported throughout the company and its PliPartner Network, safety is a primary objective of Plibrico Company, LLC.

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  • Plibrico® Plastic Refractories

    Clay/Air Bond

    Product Name %Al2O3 Service Limit SDS
    Plibrico®Super F AB 58% 2900F / 1590C SDS
    Plibrico®60 AB 58% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico®80 AB 78% 3200F / 1760C SDS
    Plibrico®90 AB 90% 3400F / 1871C SDS

    Phosphate Bond

    Product Name %Al2O3 Service Limit SDS
    Plibrico®55 S 54% 3000F / 1648C SDS
    Plibrico®68 S 68% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico®68 SA 68% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico®85 S Special 83% 3300F / 1815C SDS
    Plibrico®90 S 90% 3400F / 1870C SDS
    Plibrico®SiC 80 (80% SiC) 2700F / 1480C SDS

    (fine grain – soft)

    Product Name %Al2O3 Service Limit SDS
    Plibrico®SR 68 68% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico®SR 85 83% 3300F / 1815C SDS
    Plibrico®SR 90 88% 3400F / 1870C SDS

    Plibrico HyRATE® Plastic Refractories – Gunning Grade

    Clay/Air Bond

    Product Name %Al2O3 Service Limit SDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®Super F AB 43% 2900F / 1595C SDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®60 AB 60% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®80 AB 78% 3200F / 1760C SDS

    Phosphate Bond

    Product Name %Al2O3 Service Limit SDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®68 S 68% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®85 S Special 84% 3300F / 1815C SDS