• Complete Refractory and Furnace Engineering

Complete Refractory and Furnace Engineering

Plibrico’s refractory and furnace engineering team provides years of experience with almost every heat containment application. Our refractory and furnace design engineers will analyze each project, and provide installation drawings, Heat Loss calculations and the professional recommendations needed to save time and money throughout the project.

Our engineering expertise includes:

  • Material take-off on all Plibrico products as applied to individual applications
  • Detailed refractory drawings and anchor layouts
  • Complete design of all metal processing furnaces including:
    • Aluminum melting and holding furnaces
    • Aluminum launder troughs
    • Aluminum furnace modification
    • Heat treating furnaces
    • Re-heat furnaces
  • Boiler applications and related structures
  • Energy conservation programs and update
  • Heat Loss calculations and recommendations
  • Incinerator update in refractory materials and construction
  • Stack design

Engineering Library

View engineering drawings from many of our successful installations: