• Refractory Products for Every Challenge

Plibrico Refractory Products for Every Challenge

Plibrico’s high-quality aluminosilicate and high-alumina monolithic refractory materials are the result of our decades of experience in refractory technology. Our innovations range from the first plastic refractory in 1914 to the next generation of aluminum-contact materials being introduced today.

Whatever the challenge, Plibrico’s refractory experts, can provide monolithic refractory materials that are specific to your operations. Our research and development team is constantly developing innovative refractory solutions to satisfy the most demanding thermal applications. And, our stringent quality control policy ensures that your products will perform with excellence – time after time.

Plibrico Monolithic Refractories

Plibrico offers a full line of standard, high-quality monolithic refractory products. Our refractory experts, or PliPartners, will also work with you to quickly develop a custom product for your unique application.

Plibrico is your single-source for a full-line of complementary refractory products. Competitively-priced and in-stock, our refractory products can be shipped with your Plibrico refractory materials order to save you time and money.

Plastic Refractories

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Plastic Clay/Air Bonded Refractories
Plibrico®Super F AB10008Clay/Air Bond582900°F / 1590°CTDS
Plibrico®60 AB10013Clay/Air Bond583100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plibrico®80 AB10016Clay/Air Bond783200°F / 1760°CTDS
Plibrico®90 AB10090Clay/Air Bond903400°F / 1871°CTDS
Plastic Phosphate Bonded Refractories
Plibrico®68-S10037Phosphate Bond683100°F / 1704°CTDS
Plibrico®68-SA10073Phosphate Bond683100°F / 1704°CTDS
Plibrico®85-S Special10016Phosphate Bond833300°F / 1815°CTDS
Plibrico®90-S10033Phosphate Bond903400°F / 1870°CTDS
Plibrico®SiC 8010075Phosphate Bond72700°F / 1480°CTDS
Plastic Phosphate Bonded Fine Grain – Soft Refractories
Plibrico®SR-6817704Fine Grain – Soft683100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plibrico®SR-8510085Fine Grain – Soft833300°F / 1815°CTDS
Plibrico®SR-9012011Fine Grain – Soft883400°F / 1870°CTDS
Plastic Gunning Grade Refractories
Plibrico HyRATE®60 AB10048Clay/Air Bond603100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plibrico HyRATE®68 S10047Phosphate Bond683100°F / 1705°CTDS

Conventional Castable and Gunite Refractories

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Conventional Castable Refractories
Plicast® 2714003Conventional Dense Castable442500°F / 1370°CTDS
Plicast® 27 C14004Conventional Dense Castable452500°F / 1370°CTDS
Plicast® 27 CP14028Conventional Dense Castable442500°F / 1370°CTDS
Plicast® 3114006Conventional Dense Castable462800°F / 1540°CTDS
Plicast® 31 RS14007Conventional Dense Castable462800°F / 1540°CTDS
Plicast® 3614008Conventional Dense Castable613100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast® 4014010Conventional Dense Castable953400°F / 1871°CTDS
Durafloor™ II3321Conventional Dense Castable352000°F / 1090°CTDS
Plicast® Floor Guard HT14290Conventional Dense Castable452500°F / 1371°CTDS
Plicast® KL 3000 KK14025Conventional Dense Castable533000°F / 1650°CTDS
Plicast® Steel Mix KK14095Conventional Dense Castable472700°F / 1480°CTDS
Plicast® Trowl Mix14016Conventional Dense Castable452400°F / 1315°CTDS
Plicast® Tuff Mix KK14027Conventional Dense Castable452500°F / 1370°CTDS
Plicast® Tuff Mix P KK14248Conventional Dense Castable452500°F / 1370°CTDS
Conventional Gunite Refractories
Pligun® 30002336Conventional Dense Gun Mix483000°F / 1650°CTDS
Pligun® 3100 Special14031Conventional Dense Gun Mix593100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pligun® 4014023Conventional Dense Gun Mix923300°F / 1820°CTDS
Pligun® 4813003Conventional Dense Gun Mix432900°F / 1590°CTDS
Pligun® 70 KK13023Conventional Dense Gun Mix683100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pligun® SiC 80 TM13071Conventional Dense Gun Mix112700°F / 1480°CTDS
Pligun® SiC HP813074Conventional Dense Gun Mix122700°F / 1480°CTDS
Pligun® Super Tuff Mix14150Conventional Dense Gun Mix472600°F / 1430°CTDS
Pligun® Tuff Mix14033Conventional Dense Gun Mix462500°F / 1370°CTDS

Low and Ultra Low Cement Castable and Gunite Refractories

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Low Cement Castable and Gunite Refractories
Plicast HyMOR®3000 KK2109Low Cement Castable493000°F / 1650°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®3000 RS KK3320Low Cement Castable493000°F / 1650°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®3100 KK14137Low Cement Castable773100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®3100 Special KK2428Low Cement Castable613100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®65C KK14284Low Cement Castable653100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®70 KK3222Low Cement Castable703100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®80 C KK3215Low Cement Castable803100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®85 BF C KK3264Low Cement Castable863100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®85 BF C KK3264Low Cement Castable863100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®90 MA-7 V KK14236Low Cement Castable923300°F / 1815°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®93 V KK14212Low Cement Castable943000°F / 1650°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®98 V KK14240Low Cement Castable983400°F / 1871°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®APS 55 KK14291Low Cement Castable573050°F / 1676°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®AZS KK14286Low Cement Castable522800°F / 1540°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®SiC 85/12V KK3301Low Cement Castable852800°F / 1540°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®SiC 80 KK13063Low Cement Castable132800°F / 1540°CTDS
Plicast HyMOR®TSR Plus KK14102Low Cement Castable312500°F / 1371°CTDS
PliFlow HyMOR®3000 KK14256Free Flow Low Cement Castable473000°F / 1650°CTDS
PliFlow HyMOR®3100 Special KK14420Free Flow Low Cement Castable623100°F / 1705°CTDS
PliFlow HyMOR®SiC 70 KK14805Free Flow Low Cement Castable182900°F / 1590°CTDS
Pligun HyMOR®8 A13070Low Cement Gun Mix823100°F / 1705°CTDS
Ultra Low Cement Castable Refractories
Plicast Super HyMOR®65 KK14607Ultra Low Cement Castable643100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast Super HyMOR®80 KK14606Ultra Low Cement Castable783100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast Super HyMOR®80 C KK3261Ultra Low Cement Castable783100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast Super HyMOR®85 BF C KK3305Ultra Low Cement Castable863100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast Super HyMOR®95 V KK14605Ultra Low Cement Castable943200°F / 1760°CTDS
Plicast Ad MOR 6 KK16551Ultra Low Cement Castable633100°F / 1705°CTDS

Cement Free Castable and Shotcrete Refractories

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Cement Free Silica Gel Bonded Castable Refractories
Plicast® Si-Bond B14778Cement Free Silica Gel Bond Castable783200°F / 1760°CTDS
Plicast® Si-Bond M14781Cement Free Silica Gel Bond Castable593100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast® Si-Bond M Al14779Aluminum Resistant Cement Free Silica Gel Bond Castable562800°F / 1540°CTDS
Plicast® Si-Bond SD14780Cement Free Silica Gel Bond Castable492900°F / 1593°CTDS
Plicast® Si-Bond SiC 20 Al C KK3313Aluminum Resistant Cement Free Silica Gel Bond Castable562800°F / 1540°CTDS
Plicast® Si-Bond SP14794Cement Free Silica Gel Bond Castable843100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast® Si-Bond SP 903245Cement Free Silica Gel Bond Castable913100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pli-Shot Si-Bond B3178Cement Free Silica Gel Bond Shotcrete783100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pli-Shot Si-Bond M15417Cement Free Silica Gel Bond Shotcrete613100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pli-Shot Si-Bond M Al15416Aluminum Resistant Cement Free Silica Gel Bond Shotcrete562000°F / 1090°CTDS

Rapid Heat-Up Castable and Gunite Refractories

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Rapid Heat-Up Castable Refractories
Plicast®Fast Track 40-2514293Fast Track422500°F / 1370°CTDS
Plicast®Fast Track 50-3014289Fast Track503000°F / 1650°CTDS
Plicast®Fast Track 50-30 Al3315Fast Track503000°F / 1650°CTDS
Plicast®Fast Track 63-3114222Fast Track633100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast®Fast Track 63-31 Al3213Fast Track633100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast®Fast Track 75-3114287Fast Track753100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plicast®Fast Track 75-31 Al3231Fast Track753100°F / 1705°CTDS
Rapid Heat-Up Gunite Refractories
Pligun®Fast Track 2513606Fast Track372500°F / 1370°CTDS
Pligun®Fast Track 3013607Fast Track463000°F / 1650°CTDS
Pligun®Fast Track 31 LC13608Fast Track603100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pligun®Fast Track 31 LCZ3324Fast Track573100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pligun®Fast Track 503259Fast Track523000°F / 1650°CTDS
Pligun®Fast Track 703254Fast Track723100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pligun®Fast Track 803253Fast Track783100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pligun®Fast Track 80-31 Al3253Fast Track823100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pligun®Fast Track SiC 80 TM3306Fast Track122700°F / 1480°CTDS
Pligun®Fast Track SiC HP83307Fast Track122700°F / 1480°CTDS

Chemically Bonded Castable and Gunite Refractories

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Chemically Bonded Castable Refractories
Exo-SetUNO A17436Chemical Bond – 1 Component872500°F / 1370°CTDS
Exo-SetUNO B17435Chemical Bond – 1 Component772500°F / 1370°CTDS
Exo-SetUNO M17434Chemical Bond – 1 Component632500°F / 1370°CTDS
Chemically Bonded Gunite Refractories
Exo-SetUNO A G17445Chemical Bond – 1 Component822500°F / 1370°CTDS
Exo-SetUNO B G17438Chemical Bond – 1 Component742500°F / 1370°CTDS
Exo-SetUNO M G17437Chemical Bond – 1 Component592500°F / 1370°CTDS
Exo-SetUNO M G B3295Chemical Bond – 1 Component592500°F / 1370°CTDS

Abrasion Resistant Castable and Gunite Refractories

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Abrasion Resistant Castable Refractories
Plicast HyREZIST3000 KK14099Abrasion Resistant563000°F / 1650°CTDS
Abrasion Resistant Gunite Refractories
Plicast HyREZIST2700 KK13603Abrasion Resistant492700°F / 1480°CTDS
Plicast HyREZIST3000 KK13638Abrasion Resistant543000°F / 1650°CTDS
Plicast HyREZISTTS Mix13633Abrasion Resistant362500°F / 1370°CTDS

Aluminum Contact Castable Refractories

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Aluminum Resistant Conventional Castable Refractories
Plicast Al-Tuff®27 C16510Aluminum Resistant Conventional Castable441700°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®27 CP KK14279Aluminum Resistant Conventional Castable451700°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®Floor Guard HT3247Aluminum Resistant Conventional Castable431700°F / 925°CTDS
Aluminum Resistant Dense Castable and Gunite Refractories
Plicast Al-Shield®2765 KK16903Aluminum Resistant Dense Castable572000°F / 1090°CTDS
Plicast Al-Shield®3223 C KK3223Aluminum Resistant Dense Castable622000°F / 1090°CTDS
Plicast Al-Shield®55M KK14924Aluminum Resistant Dense Castable572000°F / 1090°CTDS
Plicast Al-Shield®BTR 7 KK14927Aluminum Resistant Dense Castable702000°F / 1090°CTDS
Plicast Al-Shield®GHC 7 KK14911Aluminum Resistant Dense Castable702000°F / 1090°CTDS
Plicast Al-Shield®GHC 7 C KK3230Aluminum Resistant Dense Castable702000°F / 1090°CTDS
Plicast Al-Shield®GHC 8 KK14916Aluminum Resistant Dense Castable782000°F / 1090°CTDS
Plicast Al-Shield®GHC 8 C KK20056Aluminum Resistant Dense Castable782000°F / 1090°CTDS
Plicast Al-Shield®SiC A KK14918Aluminum Resistant Dense Castable152000°F / 1090°CTDS
Pligun Al-Rezist65 KK16301Aluminum Resistant Dense Gun Mix621800°F / 980°CTDS
Pligun Al-Tuff®3100 Special16517Aluminum Resistant Dense Gun Mix581700°F / 925°CTDS
Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable Refractories
Plicast Al-Rezist65 KK3276Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable651800°F / 980°CTDS
Plicast Al-Rezist70 KK3294Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable681800°F / 980°CTDS
Plicast Al-Rezist80 KK3275Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable771800°F / 980°CTDS
Plicast Al-Rezist80 C KK3304Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable771800°F / 980°CTDS
Plicast Al-RezistEC KK3296Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable572000°F / 1090°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®3000 KK14193Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable491700°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®3100 KK14267Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable781800°F / 980°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®3100 Special KK16524Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable601800°F / 980°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®65C KK16539Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable651700°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®70 KK3277Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable721800°F / 980°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®80 C KK3176Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable801700°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®85 BF C KK3269Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable861700°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®TSR Plus KK14204Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable311700°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®Y69B KK14217Aluminum Resistant Low Cement Castable141700°F / 925°CTDS
Aluminum Resistant Insulating Castable and Gunite Refractories
Plicast Al-Tuff®Airlite 253316Aluminum Resistant Insulating Castable341500°F / 816°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®Airlite 25 C/G3317Aluminum Resistant Insulating Castable341500°F / 816°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®LWI 2016503Aluminum Resistant Insulating Castable421500°F / 816°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®LWI 2416505Aluminum Resistant Insulating Castable421700°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®LWI 24 HS3267Aluminum Resistant Insulating Castable481700°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast Al-Tuff®LWI 2816506Aluminum Resistant Insulating Castable541700°F / 925°CTDS
Pligun Al-Tuff®LWI 2416540Aluminum Resistant Insulating Gun Mix421500°F / 816°CTDS

Insulating Castable and Gunite Refractories

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Insulating Castable Refractories
Plicast Airlite®16001Insulating Castable121800°F / 980°CTDS
Plicast Airlite® 253270Insulating Castable342500°F / 1370°CTDS
Plicast Airlite® 25 C/G3271Insulating Castable342500°F / 1370°CTDS
Plicast Airlite® 26 RS3323Insulating Castable522600°F / 1430°CTDS
Plicast® C/G LWI18012Insulating Castable412400°F / 1320°CTDS
Plicast® C/G LWI 23 LI16226Insulating Castable522300°F / 1260°CTDS
Plicast® C/G LWI 28 LI3273Insulating Castable512800°F / 1540°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 2016005Insulating Castable422000°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 20 Trowl Mix16012Insulating Castable432000°F / 925°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 2216015Insulating Castable402200°F / 1200°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 2416007Insulating Castable422450°F / 1340°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 24 HS3263Insulating Castable482400°F / 1320°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 24 P16052Insulating Castable442450°F / 1340°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 24 QS3330Insulating Castable422450°F / 1340°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 24 R KK16031Insulating Castable432450°F / 1340°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 2616008Insulating Castable502600°F / 1430°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 2816009Insulating Castable542800°F / 1540°CTDS
Plicast® LWI 60616033Insulating Castable943300°F / 1820°CTDS
Insulating Gunite Refractories
Pligun® LWI 10613018Insulating Gun Mix312000°F / 1090°CTDS
Pligun® LWI 2216022Insulating Gun Mix422200°F / 1200°CTDS
Pligun® LWI 2416014Insulating Gun Mix422450°F / 1340°CTDS
Pligun® LWI 24 R3260Insulating Gun Mix422450°F / 1340°CTDS
Pligun® LWI 2616013Insulating Gun Mix472600°F / 1430°CTDS
Pligun® LWI 2816016Insulating Gun Mix522800°F / 1540°CTDS
Pligun® Verilite16003Insulating Gun Mix201600°F / 870°CTDS

Shotcrete Refractories

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Shotcrete Low Cement Refractories
Pli-Shot HyMOR® 3000 KK15249Low Cement Shotcrete493000°F / 1650°CTDS
Pli-Shot HyMOR® 3100 KK15248Low Cement Shotcrete743100°F / 1705°CTDS
Pli-Shot HyMOR® 3100 Special KK15250Low Cement Shotcrete593100°F / 1705°CTDS
Shotcrete Cement / Lime Refractories
Pli-Shot HyMOR® CL 10-M KK15405Cement / Lime Shotcrete532800°F / 1540°CTDS
Pli-Shot HyMOR® CL 20-M KK15406Cement / Lime Shotcrete472800°F / 1540°CTDS
Pli-Shot HyMOR® CL 30-M KK15407Cement / Lime Shotcrete412800°F / 1540°CTDS
Pli-Shot HyMOR® CL 50-M KK15407Cement / Lime Shotcrete292800°F / 1540°CTDS
Pli-Shot HyMOR® CL 5-F KK15409Cement / Lime Shotcrete462800°F / 1540°CTDS
Pli-Shot HyMOR® CL 5Z-F KK15410Cement / Lime Shotcrete462800°F / 1540°CTDS
Pli-Shot HyMOR® CL AZS KK15411Cement / Lime Shotcrete522800°F / 1540°CTDS

Gunite Dense Refractories - Other

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Gunite Dense Cement / Lime Refractories
Pligun® CL 5-F KK13075Cement / Lime Gun Mix452800°F / 1540°CTDS
Pligun® CL 5-M KK13077Cement / Lime Gun Mix552800°F / 1540°CTDS
Pligun® CL 5Z-F KK13076Cement / Lime Gun Mix452800°F / 1540°CTDS

Service Mixes, Refractory Mortar, and Coatings

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Service Mix Refractories
PliGlue62100Service Mix92800°F / 1540°CTDS
Plistix 900 F17505Service Mix943400°F / 1870°CTDS
Plistix ABR14265Service Mix832500°F / 1370°CTDS
Plistix Injec-Tite 8017602Injection Mix743100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plistix SR-6817704Service Mix683100°F / 1705°CTDS
Plistix SR-9012020Service Mix883300°F / 1820°CTDS
Plistix Super17504Service Mix422700°F / 1480°CTDS
Refractory Mortar
Ultra Demon® Air Set Wet Mortar17005Refractory Mortar473000°F / 15650°CTDS
Super Demon® Air Set Wet Mortar17001Refractory Mortar473000°F / 15650°CTDS
Super Demon® Air Set Dry Mortar17003Refractory Mortar433000°F / 15650°CTDS
SiC Demon® Mortar 85 Dry17011Refractory Mortar0.42900°F / 1590°CTDS
Protective and Parting Agent Coatings
PliKote BN61504CoatingN/A2900°F / 1590°CTDS
PliKote BN Dry61505CoatingN/A2900°F / 1590°CTDS
PliKote GMC61505CoatingN/A3000°F / 1640°CTDS
PliKote MT61501CoatingN/A3000°F / 1640°CTDS
PliKote MT Dry61502CoatingN/A3000°F / 1640°CTDS
PliKote TD61503CoatingN/A2600°F / 1425°CTDS

Additional Refractories: Pli-Bric Insulating Firebricks, Plisulate / Mineral Wool

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Plisulate® / Mineral Wool Refractories

Plisulate® 1900 Block Insulation20070/20071/20072Mineral Wool201920°F / 1050°CTDS
Insulating Refractory Firebrick
Pli-Bric IFB 2320230/20231Insulating Refractory Firebrick422300°F / 1260°CTDS
Pli-Bric IFB 2620260/20261Insulating Refractory Firebrick402600°F / 1430°CTDS
Pli-Bric IFB 2820280/20281Insulating Refractory Firebrick672800°F / 1540°CTDS
Pli-Bric IFB 3020300/20301Insulating Refractory Firebrick703000°F / 1650°CTDS

Hardware: Ceramic Tile Anchors

ProductPart #Type% Al2O3Service Limit (°F / °C)TDS
Hardware: Ceramic Tile Anchor
T-7 Ceramic Tile Anchor Series VariousCeramic Tile Anchor733000°F / 1650°CTDS
T-P85 Ceramic Tile Anchor Series VariousCeramic Tile Anchor853000°F / 1650°CTDS

  • Plibrico® Plastic Refractories

    Clay/Air Bond

    Product Name%Al2O3Service LimitSDS
    Plibrico®Super F AB58%2900F / 1590CSDS
    Plibrico®60 AB58%3100F / 1705CSDS
    Plibrico®80 AB78%3200F / 1760CSDS
    Plibrico®90 AB90%3400F / 1871CSDS

    Phosphate Bond

    Product Name%Al2O3Service LimitSDS
    Plibrico®55 S54%3000F / 1648CSDS
    Plibrico®68 S68%3100F / 1705CSDS
    Plibrico®68 SA68%3100F / 1705CSDS
    Plibrico®85 S Special83%3300F / 1815CSDS
    Plibrico®90 S90%3400F / 1870CSDS
    Plibrico®SiC 80(80% SiC)2700F / 1480CSDS

    (fine grain – soft)

    Product Name%Al2O3Service LimitSDS
    Plibrico®SR 6868%3100F / 1705CSDS
    Plibrico®SR 8583%3300F / 1815CSDS
    Plibrico®SR 9088%3400F / 1870CSDS

    Plibrico HyRATE® Plastic Refractories – Gunning Grade

    Clay/Air Bond

    Product Name%Al2O3Service LimitSDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®Super F AB43%2900F / 1595CSDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®60 AB60%3100F / 1705CSDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®80 AB78%3200F / 1760CSDS

    Phosphate Bond

    Product Name%Al2O3Service LimitSDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®68 S68%3100F / 1705CSDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®85 S Special84%3300F / 1815CSDS