Music City Center
Nashville, TN USA

Show Hours

September 12-13, 2019, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Registration Hours

September 12-13, 2019

  • For Exhibitors: 8:30am – 5:00pm
    For Attendees: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Focus on Application Industries

ALUMINUM USA is the leading exhibition and technical conference for aluminum products, technologies and investments in the United States. ALUMINUM USA is the place to be to get a comprehensive overview of the entire aluminum industry.  ALUMINUM USA is the platform that brings the aluminum industry together every two years. It represents the entire value chain offering solutions for the aluminum industry and all applications fields. It is the meeting place for producers, processors, suppliers of technologies, buyers, designers and engineers from the entire aluminum industry.

Approximately 2,000 key decision makers look for new solutions and technologies from 200+ industry leading suppliers of raw materials, processors, refiners, suppliers for the automotive and/or building industries, including producers of sections, suppliers of the latest technologies for e.g. extrusion, heat treatment, casting, sawing or surface refinement, and more.

Who Attends?

Key decision makers are from the following target groups:

  • Aluminum producing and processing
  • Automotive (cars, commercial vehicles)
  • Building and construction
  • Electrics and electronics
  • Engineering
  • Metal working and processing industry including surface treatment
  • Packaging and consumer durables
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Transport (railway, ship and aircraft building)

The special characteristics of aluminum allow it to be used in a wide variety of application areas:

Lightness and recyclability Automotive/Transport industries (commercial vehicles, railway, ship and aircraft building)
Strength and appearance Building industry
Precision Mechanical engineering
Conductivity Electrical engineering
Corrosion resistance Transport industries

The combination of these material characteristics proves the growth of aluminum use over a wide variety of applications.

Going to Aluminum USA?

Be sure to stop by our booth to learn more about our Al-Tuff®, Al-Shield® and other effective and economical refractory materials for aluminum processing.

Not going to the Aluminum USA?

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  • Plibrico® Plastic Refractories

    Clay/Air Bond

    Product Name %Al2O3 Service Limit SDS
    Plibrico®Super F AB 58% 1595F / 2900C SDS
    Plibrico®60 AB 58% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico®80 AB 78% 3200F / 1760C SDS
    Plibrico®90 AB 90% 3400F / 1871C SDS

    Phosphate Bond

    Product Name %Al2O3 Service Limit SDS
    Plibrico®55 S 54% 3000F / 1648C SDS
    Plibrico®68 S 68% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico®68 SA 68% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico®85 S Special 83% 3300F / 1815C SDS
    Plibrico®90 S 90% 3400F / 1870C SDS
    Plibrico®SiC 80 (80% SiC) 2700F / 1480C SDS

    (fine grain – soft)

    Product Name %Al2O3 Service Limit SDS
    Plibrico®SR 68 68% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico®SR 85 83% 3300F / 1815C SDS
    Plibrico®SR 90 88% 3400F / 1870C SDS

    Plibrico HyRATE® Plastic Refractories – Gunning Grade

    Clay/Air Bond

    Product Name %Al2O3 Service Limit SDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®Super F AB 43% 2900F / 1595C SDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®60 AB 60% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®80 AB 78% 3200F / 1760C SDS

    Phosphate Bond

    Product Name %Al2O3 Service Limit SDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®68 S 68% 3100F / 1705C SDS
    Plibrico HyRATE®85 S Special 84% 3300F / 1815C SDS