Plibrico Pli-Shot Si-Bond B
Monolithic Refractories
(July 5, 2016; Chicago, IL)

Plibrico Company, LLC recently developed PliShot Si-Bond B, a no-cement shotcrete refractory material that can withstand the highly-abrasive and alkaline corrosive environments of minerals processing. PliShot Si-Bond B was created to address some of the problems associated with the current no-cement shotcrete materials on the market today.

PliShot Si-Bond B simply mixes with water – no other caustic, temperature-sensitive aqueous materials are needed for mixing. Highly-durable, it is suitable for all industrial applications and can be easily installed in high-heat, high-alkali, high-abrasion environments. Trim time is improved for faster, easier installation.

To test its resilience, PliShot Si-Bond B was recently installed in the lower riser of a cement processing plant that produces 1.2 million tons of cement per year. The installation took place in a high-heat (24000 F), high-abrasion environment where coke, methane and other alternative fuels are burned creating an environment that is high in corrosive alkaline elements. Plibrico is pleased to report that after one year, the PliShot Si-Bond B material has virtually no visible wear. It has performed equal to similar materials used in this same application. Plibrico will continue monitoring the material’s service life.

Plibrico Company LLC is a leading manufacturer and installer of superior aluminosilicate and high alumina monolithic refractories used in a variety of demanding thermal applications. For over a century, Plibrico has focused on the research and development of complete turnkey refractory solutions. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Plibrico has refractory construction contractors located throughout the United States and Canada, and supplies refractory materials worldwide through our group of distributors and exporters.

For more information on PliShot Si-Bond B no-cement shotcrete refractory material, please contact:

Plibrico Company LLC
Customer Service
(314) 981-2858

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